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Experience & Capture the World’s Most Beautiful Places on our Photo Walking Journeys

Are you ready with your camera (or iPhone) to snap a picture at every twist or turn of the trail? Would you like to learn how to better compose and capture the world around you with a native professional photographer? Are you excited to share this photography passion with other like-minded active travelers and create images that perfectly capture the essence of your travel experience?

Argentina_Photo_Walking_Tour.jpgArgentina: Vision & Vine

9 days / 8 nights

Peru_Photo_Walking_Tour.jpgPanoramic Peru

10 days / 9 nights

Photo_Walking_Tour_Meet-Ups.jpgMeetups in the Boston Area

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Photo walks and adventures are for anyone that likes to be connected with the outdoors. Check back frequently for scheduled walks and bike rides!

Brazil_Pantanal_Photo_Walking_Tour.jpgBrazil: Pantanal Wildlife

9 days / 8 nights

Beluga_297x222.jpgGalapagos Magic

11 days / 10 nights

Patagonia_Photo_Walking_Tour.jpgThe Best of Patagonia

10 days / 9 nights

Sicily_Photo_Walking_Tour.jpgMaine's Fall Foliage

4 days / 3 nights

See, Savor and Snap: Experience a Place at a Slower Pace

Like the bicycle, the camera allows us a similar, albeit slower, deep dive into the spirit of a place. On our walking tours with a “focus” on photography we offer an unsurpassed and mindful immersion into a place. Bicycle and photo-walking tours expand our sensory experience of a place like nothing else! While you won’t go as far or as fast as a Ciclismo bicycle tour we guarantee that on our Photography Adventures you’ll be equally invigorated as we experience special places with new eyes and with all your senses fully tuned in and awake.

Born out of Ciclismo Classico Director, Lauren Hefferon’s long-time passion for photography and exploration, Travel Vision Journeys are educational photography tours, walking explorations that immerse, inspire and connect travelers with the worlds’ most beautiful places through the transformational magic of the photographic experience.

Our Magical Menu

Every Travel Vision Photo Walking Journey will be a special blend of the Magical Ciclismo Menu (expert local guides, delicious local specialties, boutique hotels, cross-cultural learning, language lessons and daily celebrations) that director Lauren Hefferon pioneered in 1989 PLUS an exclusive daily “focus” on becoming a better and more mindful photographer.

Snap Your Passion. Learn New Skills. Share Your Vision

All abilities are welcome as will explore our surroundings and have invaluable hands-on practice and classroom workshops with experienced professionals like Ossian Lindholm, our South American Director of Operations and expert photographer-guide with over 30 years of photography& teaching experience

For a sneak peek of what you will learn and practice on every Travel Vision Journey, download Ossian Lindholm’s tips.


Experience and Photograph the World's Most Beautiful Places on our Photography Walking Journeys

On each Travel Vision Photo Walking Journey, you will not only improve and expand your photography skills and knowledge with our daily expert instruction, you will see more, increase your visual awareness and learn to intuitively use the camera to connect, compose, enhance and expand your mindfulness and personal vision.

In the spirit of slow and mindful travel, you will be less intent on “taking” pictures and more focused on deeply capturing the essence of moments and places. By embracing serendipity, you will enjoy the fine art of wandering and connect more intimately with your natural surroundings. If you return home more skilled, inspired and passionate about sharing your experience with others through photography, then we have fulfilled our simple mission.


Contact Lauren Hefferon
lauren@ciclismoclassico.com | 617-640-4837

“Life is your art. An open, aware heart is your camera. A oneness with your world is your film.
Your bright eyes and easy smile is your museum.”
- Ansel Adams